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Greystone Design House 2014: color and FUN!

November 10, 2013

It’s rare that I take to the ol’ blog format, Facebook and other forms of social media being more to my taste. But as I want to share this across allllll those lovely social media outlets, here I am.  It’ll be short but sweet.

So my message to you about the 2014 Greystone Mansion’s Design House International is…. GO!      (runs thru 11/24)

OK, that’s it, I said short and sweet.

Ha!  Just kidding…a bit more.  I was so pleased to attend the press preview and had allocated an hour for this…which turned into 2 hours-plus. Seeing all the familiar faces was just lovely, but I especially enjoyed having a smile put on my face in many of the rooms I entered. Autumn sun streaming through the beautiful old house didn’t hurt the experience.

Overall, there is a sense this year throughout the house of fun and lightness–from the Muppets to white feathers, from the stunning white upstairs office to live goldfish-in-a-bowl centerpieces in the formal dining.  And OHHHH, just wait til you get to the bowling alley inspired by Valentino and his “Valentino red”…surprise awaits!

The designers’ direction was based on their choice of a ‘titan of business’, ranging from Phyllis Morris to Robert Greenblatt (Chair of NBC Entertainment), from Halston to Stevie Wonder, from William Randolph Hearst to Betty Jane France (queen of NASCAR racing!).

Since a picture tells a 1000 words, I’d like to share some snippets of design (we were limited to vignette photography, but that was just fine to give some great teasers!).  Enjoy…

Image One of the most eclectic rooms, but filled with things you’ll want to take home is the Living room Ballroom.  Loved this cardboard seat, but don’t miss the ART in this room (main living room) — the art / wall hangings caught my eye first thing!  Designer: Francois Jantzen for Modoo Modoo.

ImageWallpaper, you think?  Think again! Lace stencil based on a pattern by Solstiss Lace, with detail filled in by hand via a decorative artist…incredible.  This West hallway is to die for.  Designer: Francois Jantzen for Modoo Modoo.

Image Celebrate Stevie Wonder in all his collecting and musical glory! (Lisa Turner, designer, with historic African art provided by Joshua Dimondstein of Los Angeles Tribal association)

ImageYes, you enter looking at this reception hall by Maya Williams…if you aren’t immediately giving in to being transported into beauty, please exit and reenter.

ImageDesigner Fernando Diaz is just too fun…I mean, really!  Sense of humor along WITH incredible taste (ohhhh the chairs are so elegant, but guess you have to go there to see ’em!).

ImageCheery breakfast room features pieces by Vladimir Kagan and Kelly Wearstler, and this wonderful banquet. Rosie Dulbandzhyan, designer.

ImageSimple, I want this Scrabble armoir (via JF Chen, but of course).

ImageFABULOUS tub and wallpaper too!  And oooohhhh, the faucets.  Calgon, take me away (ok, actually please use your choice of French brand to match this bathroom, but you get the idea).  And again…Designer: Francois Jantzen for Modoo Modoo.

ImageIt’s fashion all the way in this room, from the BAZAAR magazine collection to the wonderful photos, and chaise, etc.  You just want to be ALL WOMAN in this room and the adjoining dream office…both by Sue Firestone/SFA Design.

ImageJust darn cool and fun, wouldn’t you agree?

ImageAs I said at the start, sense of fun and lightness.  Here is my proof.

ImageAre you Ernie or Bert?  Two beds in this fabulous boys’ room by Eric Brand give you JUST that choice! Tons of fantastic Muppet moments throughout the room.

ImagePUCCI pillow made from online-sourced scarves…I need say no more.  Yummmm.  Room by Grace Home, kudos!

ImageWho wouldn’t want to curl up and read or stare and daydream in this corner?

ImageOne of my favorite chandeliers EVER…Swarovski.

Image Well, I COULD give away the surprise downstairs, but then I’d hate myself, and you’d hate me, too.  Thanks, designer Alissa Sutton, for your great creativity and love for Valentino rolled into one (and you know you have a 2nd career now!).

I leave you now, and simply encourage you to attend, enjoy, fantasize!