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Travelex Brand Message / B2B Payment Solutions Highlighted in US by Bold Arts Sponsorship

August 22, 2009




Washington, DC (August 2009) –TRAVELEX, a leader in international foreign exchange and payments for global business, took a bold step in supporting the UK National Theatre’s new NT Live initiative. As a longtime arts partner of the prestigious theater, TRAVELEX committed to helping deliver its performances onto screens in movie theaters and performing arts venues worldwide this 2009-2010 season.  The NT Live performances are streamed through satellite, which has successfully been done for New York’s Metropolitan Opera. The first play of the season, PHÈDRE starring the great Helen Mirren, was seen on June 25th by 28,000 people worldwide, and with additional screenings, audiences reached close to 49,000 across 19 countries.  The next play is “All’s Well That Ends Well” with an October 1st initial live broadcast.

Lloyd Dorfman, Chairman of Travelex, says: “NT Live is a major innovation in theater.  We’re enormously proud to be part of it – the result of a seven-year partnership with the National Theatre, one of the world’s most respected theaters.  Day-to-day, Travelex is committed to helping connect people and businesses across the globe.  We really hope that this initiative makes world class theater accessible on a truly worldwide scale.”

Innovation and forward-thinking is what has driven TRAVELEX to serve over 30 million customers every year, sending business payments to 230 countries & territories and managing over 35,000 business’ needs.

TRAVELEX Global Business Payments is an international payment and receipt specialist and focuses on innovation, and launching products and features that are one-of-a-kind.  Their new vendor management system, GlobalPay’s Payee Manager, is the first vendor management system that offers the combined advantage of an electronic payment enrollment system, vendor management tool and payment platform in one simple web-based application.  TRAVELEX specializes in implementing customized payment solutions that allow you to spend less time managing your payments, and more time managing your business.  TRAVELEX:

  • understands the complex needs of businesses and the challenges of managing international payments
  • is focused and successful because worldwide business payments are their business
  • has partnerships with over 4000 financial institutions worldwide
  • the online payment system means there is no need to download new software and you can be up and running quickly

This is the same thinking that created the arts sponsorship initiative of a £10 ticket for the National Theatre, which began in 2003 and has since helped hundreds of thousands of British enjoy theater-going, making the theater affordable for the everyman/woman. The idea of the low-priced ticket has naturally progressed into their commitment to “NT Live”, reemphasizing their brand values of leadership, forward-thinking, value, and service to everyone.  TRAVELEX strongly believes in consistent, key support of the high arts through emerging technologies and opportunities, especially in a down market, when people need their spirits lifted most.

The pilot season of “NT Live”–broadcasting live performances of plays onto cinema screens around the world—will next feature “All’s Well That Ends Well” (Oct. 1). “Nation” (Jan. 30, 2010), and “The Habit of Art” (April 22, 2010).  The average ticket price is $20, varying by venue. (

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Travelex, one of the world’s leading providers of foreign-exchange and international-payment solutions. Accommodating more than 30 million customers annually puts Travelex in the top position as the largest international payment specialist.

Each year, payments are handled for more than 38,000 businesses and 4,000 financial institutions. And beneficiaries in more than 230 countries experience the advantages of Travelex’s offerings. From retail travel money to cross-border business payments to travel insurance to traveler’s checks, customers around the globe are assured exceptional service complemented by value, simplicity and efficiency.

Acknowledged worldwide as foreign-exchange specialists, Travelex is committed to providing business, retail and outsourcing customers with a multitude of innovative products and services. Travelex is recognized as a trusted brand with the unique ability to serve clients virtually anywhere, in any trade currency.  For more information, visit In the United States, commercial payment services will be provided by Travelex Global Business Payments, Inc. or Travelex Currency Services, Inc.

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