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New ‘Community & Co.’ to Provide Salon-Style Home Interiors Experience; Charles Hollis Jones Selects Showroom as Exclusive L.A. Retailer

August 25, 2011

Grand Opening Event Oct. 6 with Entra Magazine

Los Angeles, CA (August 2011) – The new Community & Co. bears its mission in its name. Founder and interior designer Jennifer Ridel believes that a more perfect community transpires from a group effort, and she plans to have her Melrose Ave. interiors showroom be an inviting ‘salon’ to all.  With a Grand Opening event on Thursday, October 6th, Community & Co. (8259 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90046) is comprised of a collection of carefully curated new and vintage furniture pieces, with a mix of home accessories, select fabric lines, as well as art and events.

The Grand Opening event, by invitation, is in partnership with new stylish online Entra Magazine, whose team of print-media veterans brings the best in international design and architecture to the Web. Please contact or for invitation.

Ridel is the heart, soul and businesswoman behind this endeavor that focuses on creating a “community” space where art meets home. She draws people in to her sphere with her uplifting attitude. Infusing humor and fun into her serious passion for quality modern and elegant design has paid off. After meeting Charles Hollis Jones and having what Ridel describes as “jam session-like” conversations with him where ideas just flew, the pioneering American artist and furniture designer selected the entrepreneur’s showroom to be the sanctioned Los Angeles retailer for his new and vintage pieces. They are the cornerstone of Community & Co.’s floor. Hollis Jones crafted the award-winning Edison Lamp, is recognized by the Smithsonian for his groundbreaking use of acrylic and Lucite, and has supplied Frank Sinatra to President Barack Obama with custom pieces.

“Original handcrafted, heirloom quality furnishings, decorative objects and art—each of which has a story—are paramount to the eclectic showroom,” says Ridel. “A chair is not just a chair, it’s a chair with a past, a history, and a soul.”

Community & Co. also has an exclusive deal with noted Brooklyn, NY, based design studio Eskayel, which uses imagery from owner/designer Shanan Campanaro’s paintings as primary source material for fantastically patterned bespoke wall coverings, textiles, pillows, and ceramics, all sourced/made in the Northeastern U.S. The showroom is also the exclusive retail outlet for the new sleek and modern outdoor fireplaces, Modfire, created by designer-artist Brandon Williams and fabricated by steel artisans. Modfire was named ‘Best Furniture and Accessory Design’ at the 2011 Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles.

Two other lines offered will be Fenix and Foundation. The eclectic Fenix line of functional art pieces has a sculptural feel and is designed by owner Ridel, who has long admired the work of Gio Ponti, Antoni Gaudi, Tony Duquette and Marcel Wanders. Foundation is Community & Co.’s line of stylish upholstery staples, manufactured in Southern California. Plus a well-curated, globally-sourced selection of additional designers and product will be represented throughout the showroom on an ongoing basis.

Hollis Jones, Campanaro and Modfire owners Williams and Marty Young will be in attendance on Oct. 6th.

Reflecting this diverse crossroad where individual ideas, stories, culture and design meet, Community & Co. features a space dedicated to events that will range from art shows to book signings, surprise musical events and community gatherings. The goal of the space is an effortless atmosphere where knowledge of design and the arts will inspire and influence.

In the end, says Ridel, “It really is the ability to manipulate space and curate environments with design and the overall atmosphere that changes your mood immediately. It is my goal that each person feels that change when they walk in to the space, and then wants to transfer that to their home.”

Community & Co. also offers in-house design for residential, hospitality and commercial projects.

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Thank goodness for the New Yorker cartoons…

March 31, 2011

Barclay Butera is Official Provider for Sundance Festival

January 8, 2010


Designer Barclay Butera to Design Showcase Room at Hearst Castle for Winners of “Hearst Castle Overnight”

September 3, 2009

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SAN SIMEON, CA (September, 2009) — For 2009 Hearst Castle Overnight, renowned interior and lifestyle designer Barclay Butera will create a contemporary interior inspired by the design collaboration of Julia Morgan and William Randolph Hearst. Notably, this is the first interior design of a room at Hearst Castle since Mr. Hearst left the estate in 1947.  Butera’s respect and admiration for the old Hollywood lifestyle garnered him this enviable project.

The design of this rarely seen room and special evening celebrates Mr. Hearst’s passion for the decorative arts, his graciousness in sharing this passion with countless guests and the importance of his collections housed at Hearst Castle, a State Historical Monument and California State Park.  The overnight stay at the Castle was won in a benefit auction sponsored by Friends of Hearst Castle in 2008, honoring the 50th anniversary of public access to Hearst Castle . A nonprofit cooperating association, Friends of Hearst Castle supports art preservation of Hearst Castle’s world-class collection of art and artifacts and art education, including programs for youth at-risk.

The winning couple has invited eight friends for a swim in the Neptune Pool, tennis, dinner on the terrace, a garden stroll, and an after dinner movie in the Castle theater, followed by an evening just for the two of them in this specially decorated showcase room with a view of the Pacific.

The Barclay Butera designed Hearst Castle Overnight room, will feature contemporary reproductions and interpretative designs by Hearst Castle Collection licensees whose home furnishing designs bring new awareness to the depth and importance of Mr. Hearst’s collections, while contributing significantly to Hearst Castle’s preservation. Butera is one of the select licensees, having debuted upholstery and pillows over the last year. The individual pieces and design of the room for this special evening respect the historical environment of the Castle with integrity and illustrate the contemporary relevance of Hearst Castle, its art, antiques and antiquities.

Mr. Hearst was a man with a reverence for the past and anticipation of the future. By bringing together his collections at Hearst Castle, he sent the message that one should be immersed in and surrounded by art and this message continues at Hearst Castle with the preservation of the works of art and antiquities for generations to appreciate. It is fitting that Butera who brings art “home” is redecorating a room in a home of priceless art and beauty.

Barclay Butera has great admiration for old Hollywood and great architecture, having owned former homes of Frank Sinatra and Betty Davis, and initiated  redesigns that paid respect to their special past. He did the same as creative director of the $25 million renovation of L’Auberge del Mar in Del Mar, CA, a former playground of old Hollywood.  Butera knows how to capture the era in furnishings, in this case for the ultimate home, Hearst Castle. Butera’s designs and accessories will honor the environment with integrity and interest. Proceeds from Hearst Castle Collection licensed designs benefit art preservation and education at the Castle. The design of the Hearst Castle Overnight bedroom is being accomplished through the generous contributions of: Architectural Detail Group, Barclay Butera Home, Castilian, Habersham, Hearst Castle Collection Design, Ambience by Minka Group, Pindler & Pindler, Taracea,  Tilevera, Jeff Margolin and Susan Ward Designs.

“I am honored to be selected as the interior designer on this project. I have a great respect for Mr. Hearst’s vision and am confident that he would be proud of the completed room in this incredible home,” states Barclay Butera, CEO and President of Barclay Butera, Inc.

The next Hearst Castle Overnight is planned to honor the 25th anniversary of Friends of Hearst Castle in 2010.

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Barclay Butera @ D&D/NY Kravet Showroom-gorgeous!

July 15, 2009