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True Entrepreneurship (and happens to be Green, too!)

April 27, 2011

If you’ve ever had a great idea for a company or product…check out this interview with Eduardo Sciammarella at and LEARN how it’s done!

If you don’t know the show by John Shegerian, he’s one of the best interviewers, and really understands and relates well to ENTREPRENEURS…because he IS one.

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Is Foursquare the new Diary?

January 25, 2011

I’ve kept a daily hand-written diary since I was 14.


I’m turning 46 next month.


As I was driving home tonight listening to “Mexican Home” by John Prine, not sure of the connection but my mind wandered to the last few days and how many different art events I had attended (it’s LA Arts Month here in L.A.).  Because I’ve been so busy, I’m a day or two behind in writing up my diary—and yes, I do “catch up” so I have daily entries.  Obsessive?  Maybe so; but it also provides a sense of completion for me, as well as a wonderful way to recall what I did and when.  Some people have that instantaneous memory that can relay where they were on what date, doing what and with whom.  Not I.


When I’m this busy, the days seem to run into each other, and suddenly I realized that my regular check-ins on Foursquare would be providing me that memory trigger to be able to accurately document my days in my diary.  And then it hit me further:  these two conduits through which I keep track of my world could not be more different.  One is utterly private; my penmanship is so messy and small, I’ve never had to have a lock on my diary to protect either against my little sister (as a teen) nor potentially nosy mates (as an adult).  The other could not be more public. (And just to address it:  yes, Facebook could be used the same way, but I personally don’t use FB as much for where I am as for posting articles, sharing photos, etc., with the periodic–hopefully relevant–post about what I’m doing.)


Everything is shorter, more compact these days when it comes to information.  Complex thoughts or bits of information are consistently “dumbed down” to the simplest catchphrase.  Foursquare is a perfect example of that.  You don’t even NEED a catchphrase, you just find your location when you are someplace, and click “Check In.”  Yet I’m hooked.  Maybe because I’m a marketer; maybe because I know I have the counter-response to it in the evening, when I sit down and review the day.


I’m not declaring my diary entries as scintillating as ones would be from, oh, Lindsay Lohan (if she had the wherewithal to write one) or Bill Clinton (who did).  Admittedly, after 31 years of notebooks that range in style from flowery teenage diaries to “Composition Books” to the current recycled notebooks, the process often is quite rote (“Woke up, went to gym, worked at desk most of day…”).  But inevitably, as I quietly let the pen take over and enter a stream-of-consciousness mode, a nugget may creep in, something I did or read that I hadn’t realized had much significance at the time; or very personal reflection to an emotional event.  The privacy of my one-woman dialogue also periodically encourages snarky running commentary on any ridiculous personalities or situations I’ve encountered that day—a la Ricky Gervais at the 2011 Golden Globes.  Better here than ‘in public’.


You just don’t get this with Foursquare (and hopefully on Facebook, you don’t go overboard either).  There is something magical about a personal, thoughtful relationship with oneself; I treasure it.


I love that I can check in on Foursquare, earn my points that will someday get me a free Starbucks coffee or make me Mayor of my gym.  It’s a hoot!  But in our days that are inundated with information from every corner imaginable corner—phones, iPads, radio, TV, YouTube, eNewsletters, newspapers, etc. etc.—that quiet time with my own diary, my own reflection (even if you do it on your iPad) is a valued, and PRIVATE outlet, even when it feels periodically like an obligation after this many years…one I just can’t seem to let go.


SoCal Open Houses for PopSci winner TRUFOCALS, Breakthrough Eyewear Technology

November 15, 2009

LOS ANGELES / Brentwood, Nov. 19 invitation:   reviewPC2009-LA

ORANGE COUNTY / Costa Mesa, Nov. 21 invitation:   reviewPC2009-OC

Revolutionary New Eyeglass Technology, TRUFOCALS, Is Changing How We See

October 2, 2009

small logo


(Los Angeles, CA—August, 2009)  TruFocals are a revolutionary new eyeglass system that allows you to ‘self-correct’ or sharpen your vision to the highest quality necessary for any situation.  Completely eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses, bifocals, or no-line progressives, the patented TruFocals have none of the distortion or blurriness associated with traditional multi-focal glasses, and widen the field of vision.  With TruFocals, your entire lens focuses on what you choose, not just what your multifocals force you to. Simply move the ‘vision correction’ slider on the bridge of TruFocals glasses, and the entire system shifts focus closer or farther, like a microscope. With TruFocals you are not limited to a fixed distance focal length. You can self-adjust your own glasses to provide a clear solution immediately, whatever the distance.

As we age, our vision degenerates.  Single focus distance/reading, bifocals or no-line progressive lenses have been the only non-surgical means of vision correction…until now. TruFocals’ revolutionary lens system acts like dozens of single vision lenses, allowing you to see clearer in any situation, near or far. TruFocals also eliminate the nausea for wearers who suffer from motion sickness brought on by the distortion / blurriness of no-line progressives.

“I began thinking about developing a better vision solution, when I discovered that my own vision was compromised.   It was hard to adjust to wearing multifocals, and my vision quality was markedly less.  After looking at the mechanics of how the human eye naturally focuses, I began to think about how to mimic this, mechanically.  I think everyone who wears multifocal lenses will appreciate the flexibility and clarity of TruFocals,” states co-founder and inventor, Dr. Stephen Kurtin.

How it Works:

TruFocals emulate the human eye’s ability to adjust focus by utilizing a lightweight two-lens system. As simple as TruFocals are to use, their technology is very sophisticated.


Each “lens” is actually a set of two lenses, one flexible and one firm. The flexible lens (near the eye) has a transparent distensible membrane attached to a clear rigid surface.  The pocket between them holds a small quantity of crystal clear fluid.

As you move the slider on the bridge, it pushes the fluid and alters the shape of the flexible lens.  Changing the shape changes the correction. This mimics the way the lenses in your eyes used to perform when you were younger.

The sliding movement allows you to choose the exact correction that works best at any distance and under any lighting conditions.  Similar to traditional glasses, the front lens can be removed for cleaning, or interchanged with appropriately tinted prescription lenses to be used as sunglasses.

TruFocals are the ideal solution for people who wear multifocal eyeglasses, carry separate pairs of distance and reading glasses, or prefer the convenience of self-focusing their field of vision.  Because the glasses are ‘useradjustable’, they can compensate for low-light conditions and virtually any situation.

With TruFocals, the lenses and the frame are made together, as opposed to the traditional model of lensmakers and framemakers. They also have adjustable nose pads and arms that can accommodate nearly any face. This ensures a comfortable secure customized fit for virtually everyone.  The glasses are assembled in their Los Angeles, CA, facility.

For additional information, and to view an online demonstration, please visit  Media inquiries, please contact Agnes Gomes-Koizumi or Julie Du Brow via email at / or via phone at 323-937-5488 / 310-821-2463.

About TruFocals

The company was co-founded by Dr. Stephen Kurtin in 2006.  A successful inventor, with more than 30 patents to his name, Dr. Kurtin was not satisfied with the exisiting vision solutions.  Recognizing that multi-focals, reading glasses or carrying multiple pairs of single vision glasses did not provide a satisfactory solution, he set out to develop a better one.  TruFocals were developed to provide clear, adjustable vision in all situations.

TruFocals are available through eye care professionals or via TruFocals are scratch-resistant and antireflective, contain anti-smudge coatings; and protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

This product is covered by one or more of the following US patents: 5,138,494; 5,668,620: 5,956,183; 6,040,947; 6,053,610; and 7,008,054.