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Teddy Thompson…’nuf said

March 22, 2011

I admit I rarely go out anymore to see performers that begin playing at 11:45pm, but last night at the intimate venue Bardot was a true exception and I was well rewarded.  Introduced by Chris Douridas of KCRW, who apparently wrote an email back that simply said “Holy shit!” to Teddy Thompson upon hearing his latest album Bella, Teddy headed off into a tight 35 minute set of past and new songs including In My Arms, Looking for a Girl, and The One I Can’t Have.  But the song that actually silenced the chatty L.A. audience (or at least most of ’em) was Delilah…you could just hear the slow dissipation of conversation and clinking glasses as the song proceeded…magical.  He is a beautiful songwriter with a pied-piper voice, and all-around engaging performer.  @Teddy Thompson