Practically Green…proud to be a part

Just thought I’d let ya’ll know how excited I am to be a new guest blogger (my 1st time guesting for anyone!) for a site that I’ve discovered and really like the direction of:!

And on that note…be sure to check out my first post!

Lots of great bloggers posting this week on that site, too, for Earth Week…so be sure to sign up there and take your easy, but directed, test to get you on a cool step-by-step path.  Love how they break it all down for you!

Have a GREAT Earth Day, everyone!

2 Responses to “Practically Green…proud to be a part”

  1. firouzeh Says:

    uh! I didn’t you you had a blog!!! wow – that’s great!!! reading it felt like I was listening to you over a nice drink at the neighborhood cafe 🙂 and of course you make a world of sense ….. if only I could impress that upon some of my suburban residing un-green family and friends
    bisous xx

    • dbworks13 Says:

      Thank you sooo much, Firouzeh! Your Earth Day assignment…have one un-green friend change one habit (not take ATM receipts, do e-bills, buy a reusable mug). 😉 See you soon?

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