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Thank goodness for the New Yorker cartoons…

March 31, 2011

Teddy Thompson…’nuf said

March 22, 2011

I admit I rarely go out anymore to see performers that begin playing at 11:45pm, but last night at the intimate venue Bardot was a true exception and I was well rewarded.  Introduced by Chris Douridas of KCRW, who apparently wrote an email back that simply said “Holy shit!” to Teddy Thompson upon hearing his latest album Bella, Teddy headed off into a tight 35 minute set of past and new songs including In My Arms, Looking for a Girl, and The One I Can’t Have.  But the song that actually silenced the chatty L.A. audience (or at least most of ’em) was Delilah…you could just hear the slow dissipation of conversation and clinking glasses as the song proceeded…magical.  He is a beautiful songwriter with a pied-piper voice, and all-around engaging performer.  @Teddy Thompson

Lindeman/Stevens Landscape Design Offers Vision of an “American” Garden Combined with “afterC.A.R.E.” Program for Longevity of Design

March 9, 2011

Los Angeles, CA (February 2011) – The recently formed Lindeman/Stevens Landscape Design unites respected landscape designer Dennis Stevens and business partner Karla Lindeman. The two have worked together in the past, but decided the time was ripe for their new firm which pairs Stevens’ vast, 20+ year experience in landscape design and his artistic vision towards exteriors with Lindeman’s strong horticultural knowledge and business experience.  A significant and timely part of their vision is also focused on the logic of an “American” garden: creating beautiful, smart design that will look as good in 10 or 20 years as when it is installed, and utilizing their unique “afterC.A.R.E.” program.

“We like to bring this perspective to as many clients as possible,” states Stevens.  “Using the right plant materials in the right places so that the end result looks just as good in 20 years with a minimal maintenance after-care program is the sustainable dream. It’s even easy to create ‘eco-friendly’ landscaping that is sophisticated and beautiful—not dry and barren—if it is well designed.”

Stevens notes that our traditional vision in America of the perfect landscape is what we copied from European architecture, which often includes symmetry and lushness.  While Stevens is proud of his work on many projects that have such a classic tenor, he hopes to provide confidence in creating an “American” garden which uses what makes sense for where we live, creates a haven uniquely our own, and also cleans the air as one important benefit.

But it’s the financial and time savings that Lindeman/Stevens sees as maybe the most timely benefits of choosing an “American” garden.  Using appropriate and beautiful regional plants results in longevity of survival and simplicity of maintenance.  These are certainly sustainable concepts, both for the environment and for people’s personal finances. Sophistication, cohesion and yes, symmetry, with the surroundings are the corresponding, positive visual results.

After installation, Lindeman/Stevens offers an “afterC.A.R.E.” (Create A Responsible Environment) plan that is uniquely prepared for the client and their design, especially smart if a large investment has been made.  This can include scheduled visits by the team, working with the client (or their gardener) to ensure proper maintenance—from specialty pruning, feeding schedules, water conservation, to professional pest and disease inspections. Stevens’ high-end clients who have used the “afterC.A.R.E.” services since installation have seen that with minimal, yet knowledgeable, service they have attained the longevity of their investment. Others have realized the program’s benefits later, after not paying attention to their original design investment, and then having to spend unnecessary time and money to return it to its proper state.

“We like to find the alternatives to what people are used to seeing,” says Lindeman.  “Dennis’ eye as a working artist has helped him look at and combine plants in a different way, one that others wouldn’t initially think of until he shows them the big picture.  And if he turns their garden more eco-friendly in the process, that’s a wonderful plus.”


Dennis Stevens serves as the principal designer, with longtime business partner Karla Lindeman, for Los Angeles based Lindeman/Stevens Landscape Design.  In the landscape design profession for over 20 years, Stevens specializes in contemporary California-inspired landscapes, as well as traditional and modernist exteriors.  The partners believe in providing truly great design that will look just as good in 10 or 20 years as when it is installed.

An accomplished painter as well as landscape designer, Stevens is passionate about translating his artistic skills into sophisticated, timeless outdoor environments that also incorporate a sustainable outlook toward minimal maintenance.  His global work has been recognized by magazines from Architectural Digest and Garden Design to Variety, and featured in many film and television programs. His client list includes Hollywood celebrities, CEOs, noted architects and designers. Lindeman is a longtime collaborator of Stevens, with a history in landscape architecture, real estate development, business ownership, and a passion and ability for working with a wide variety of plants.

Combining an artistic approach with in-depth horticultural knowledge, Lindeman/Stevens achieves distinctive outdoor designs worth talking about.  Lindeman/Stevens is a member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America, and involved with the Los Angeles Conservancy and the Nature Conservancy. (