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SoCal Open Houses for PopSci winner TRUFOCALS, Breakthrough Eyewear Technology

November 15, 2009

LOS ANGELES / Brentwood, Nov. 19 invitation:   reviewPC2009-LA

ORANGE COUNTY / Costa Mesa, Nov. 21 invitation:   reviewPC2009-OC

GREENBUILD 09: American Clay Earth Plaster Announces Potential Energy Savings Generated by Clay Plaster Walls, Results of Yearlong Experiment

November 8, 2009


American Clay Greenbuild Booth Features New Lime-Based Samples, Demo Wall, and Commercial-Use Product Enjarre

Albuquerque, NM (November, 2009) – Award-winning, patented American Clay Enterprises returns to the Greenbuild International Expo, announcing the positive results-to-date of its year-long, ongoing energy savings experiment launched at Greenbuild 08.  A press conference will be held on Weds., Nov. 11 at 12:00pm in the Press Conference Room (#126B) ; lunch will be served. The all-natural, sustainable and healthy earth plasters for walls appear to provide, on average, more temperature stability than paint in a room, and thereby energy savings. For the November 10-13, 2009, event, American Clay will exhibit in booth #3754 at the Phoenix (AZ) Convention Center.  At this space, they will have a R&D section representing new lime materials and techniques, a section with artistic panels, and ongoing demo area with their products, in which anyone can participate.

data loggersSM

The ongoing experiment, called “Dynamic Solar”, has been conducted at the American Clay facility in Albuquerque, NM, with the data in the data logger downloaded once a week.  Each unit was tested for temperature (F) and relative humidity (RH) using a Spectrum 2000 data logger with one monitoring ambient condition directly next to the test units. By comparing these, one can determine how much energy will be needed to keep a building comfortable, and then start shifting conditions to determine how to maximize energy savings. The experiment was created in response to American Clay clients who claimed energy savings after remodeling with their patented earth plasters.


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The five identical test structures, 7’h x 8’w x 5’d, were built using modern framing construction with R13 fiberglass bat insulation, and one door each.  They break down in this way:

  • One has cement stucco exterior with interior paint.
  • One has vinyl siding exterior and interior paint.
  • One has cement stucco exterior with American Clay interior plaster.
  • One has vinyl siding exterior with American Clay interior plaster.


• During the hottest times of the day, the test unit with clay interior are colder, on average, than the test structures with paint interior

• During the coldest times of the day, the test unit with clay interior are warmer, on average, than the test units with paint interior

• Paint interior test units have a greater fluctuation during the hottest and coldest times of the day compared to the clay interior test structures

• Regardless of the season, the test structures with clay interior maintain a more stable interior temperature compared to the test structures with paint interior

• To insure that the test units’ position was not skewing results, the test units were rotated in August to shift exposure positions. This produced no change in results.

“As the tests progressed, I was surprised at the overall results,” says Croft Elsaesser, American Clay co-Founder and CEO.  “I expected a 2% variation.  Instead we seem to be leveling off at 6%.  This has the ability to really make a difference when considering the potential impact on a large scale.  Our next challenge is being able to quantify the actual savings this could mean to our customers.”

The internationally-recognized Greenbuild Expo ( presents the perfect opportunity to showcase how a consistently customer-service focused company–which produces a recognized, thoroughly sustainable product for building and design–continually listens to its clients, tests itself, and innovates.

At their booth, American Clay will be sharing new products in its “R&D” area, as well as showcasing artistic panels of the clay plaster prepared by Elsaesser. They will also have their signature demo area, with their three original formulations and the commercially-directed, single-coat ENJARRE, which just expanded its color palette to offer the same options as the Loma formulation.  ENJARRE has become a popular product for the company this year, and at less than $.50 per square foot to contractors, with color and binder inclusive, it gives builders a product that helps provide top indoor air quality and beauty–and can contribute toward up to seven LEED points (five in most areas)–at a very competitive price.

American Clay’s mission is to better the planet, through their commitment to healthy solutions for beautiful, calm, and healthy environments.  To that end, some in-house energy saving methods include:

  • Their manufacturing uses low inherent energy to produce our products.
  • They use no water in manufacturing.
  • Plaster is shipped dry to save shipping energy and cost.


American Clay produces patented, award-winning, all-natural interior wall finishing products.  Their Earth Plasters and the commercial ENJARRE single coat plaster are a unique combination of clays, aggregates and natural pigments that offer builders and consumers a natural and elegant option. There is no off-gassing nor inherent waste on-site.  The plasters contain zero VOCs, are non-flammable, are mold resisting (without toxic fungicides), absorb odors, provide temperature and humidity buffering, repair/clean easily and come in recyclable packaging. American Clay, with an extremely low carbon footprint, is uniquely manufactured in and made of materials found in the U.S. American Clay Enterprises, Inc., is based in Albuquerque, NM, and its products are patent pending.  The product and various workshops are available through their New Mexico office or through one of the growing number of retailers and distributors across the U.S.  The website,, offers information on products, ordering, technical specifications, product application and additional resources and links.

U.S. PAT No. 7,485,186 B2


Entt. Biz Leader Emilio Diez Barroso is New Chair for Global NonProf that Supplies Books, Libraries, Schools

November 4, 2009




Los Angeles, CA, USA (November 2009) – Non-profit organization The World Is Just A Book Away (TWIJABA)—which supplies books, and builds libraries and schools for children in developing countries—is honored to announce Emilio Diez Barroso as its new Chairman.  Overseeing an impressive Board gathered over the organization’s successful inaugural year and a half by Founder James J. Owens, Diez Barroso’s impressive resume, business acumen and contacts make him a premiere choice to lead the next phase. Chairman and Founder of NALA Investments, LLC, Diez Barroso is recognized as one of the most powerful Latinos by Poder Magazine (2009) and The Hollywood Reporter (2007).

“It is an honor and pleasure to be involved with The World is Just a Book Away,” says Diez Barroso, who is also an avid reader. “I believe in the vision of its founder, James Owens, and what the organization stands for. This is an opportunity to leverage my resources and collaborate with a great group of people with the intention of bringing value through books to the lives of children.”

Diez Barroso’s company is a private investment holding company with operations across various industries including communications, transportation, energy, consumer products, real estate, IT infrastructure, media and entertainment. He has held senior level positions and sat on the board of most NALA owned businesses including most recently NALA Films, a production company that produces and finances feature films, television content, and new media.  Diez Barroso was raised in a highly successful business world:  his family created the two largest Spanish-language media companies in the world, Televisa (NYSE:TV) and Univision (NYSE:UVN),

He has been recognized with multiple awards in Latin America and currently sits on the board of directors of Summit Entertainment, a worldwide theatrical motion picture production and distribution studio; of MLA Partner Schools, a non-profit organization working to improve schools and empower neighborhoods in some of the most disenfranchised communities in Los Angeles; and Affinity Mobile, LLC, a telecommunications solutions provider, to name a few.

The continued mission of The World Is Just A Book Away ( is to bring hope—in the form of books, libraries, and schools—to thousands of children in developing countries. The program was launched in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, site of the mudflow disaster that displaced more than 60,000 people and destroyed many schools.  By the end of 2009, TWIJABA’s first year: 10,000-plus children will have access to books, 20,000-plus books will be provided, 22 school libraries will be built, and one Mobile library will serve an additional 28 schools.

Diez Barroso, who reads two to four books each month and calls The Alchemist “one of the most impactful books for me”, is looking forward to picking up on Owens’ momentum and accomplishments. “I want to have a positive impact in everything we do, from our internal meetings to our outreach to the communities we touch. I want to help grow the organization into a self-sustained entity with a qualified team executing on every front and secure stable funding sources that allow us to implement long term strategies.”

TWIJABA has attracted a strong and varied list of supporters across business, entertainment and academia. Advisory Board members include Jenny Ming, former President of Old Navy and one of Fortune magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Women in American Business”; Jim Ellis, Dean of the USC Marshall School of Business; and Tim Monich, highly-respected dialect coach of Hollywood.  Prominent non-Board supporters include Queen Noor Al-Hussein, Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Lois and Buzz Aldrin, Shirin Ebadi (2003 Nobel Peace Prize), Yo-Yo Ma, Muhammad Yunus, and the late Natasha Richardson.

The non-profit also enjoys the enthusiastic support of students and young professionals, dispelling the idea that being on a Board is restricted to the over 40 age group.  TWIJABA’s Board has members in their 30s, and Owens created the “Ambassadors” program as a stepping stone for the younger participants.

With Diez Barroso taking on the day-to-day Chairmanship, Owens is able to focus on the overriding mission of TWIJABA and attend significant events where he is invited to participate, and spread the word about his organization. The first weekend in November, he will attend “Festival of Thinkers” in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which brings thinkers together from across the world to share ideas, foster thinking, and inspire college-age men and women in the region.  In March, he attended Education Without Borders 2009 Conference in Dubai, UAE, as a Distinguished Guest and Mentor. Owens, who is assistant professor of clinical management communication at the USC Marshall School of Business Center for Management Communication, is also focused on the completion of his book featuring submissions from more than 70 of the world’s most prominent people about their love of reading and books that inspired them.  He plans to donate all the profits from the future book sales to non-profits, including TWIJABA.