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July 31, 2009

Thanks for the early excitement!  If you’re planning to be at the GF Cooking Expo, or Expo East…your chance to taste!  And if you were at Natural Products Expo in Anaheim…you already KNOW how sumptuous they were!!!  Smackin’ your lips, aren’t ya?

Barclay Butera @ D&D/NY Kravet Showroom-gorgeous!

July 15, 2009

Stenciling with American Clay — antique to craft, all beautiful

July 11, 2009

Interior Design Social-Net Site Connects Prof. Designers and Enthusiasts Globally

July 7, 2009



Long Beach, CA (June, 2009) – Interior designers and design enthusiasts have a joint goal of creating a comfortable, beautiful and unique haven.  Yet, only a small percentage of people actually utilize a designer’s services.  Ava Living (, a specialized social network, has just launched its “Designer Room Review” program, a core offering of the site’s mission to serve as a showcase, marketplace, and ecommerce meeting spot where consumers meet designers and develop lasting and beneficial relationships.  The Designer Room Review (DRR) offers free professional room reviews to Ava Living members, placing them on a path to spend smarter, while tapping professional advice they can research at their own convenience and on their own terms.

“Our goal is to democratize design, help consumers spend smarter, and grow designers’ global client reach,” states Ava Living co-Founder and CEO David Bassett-Parkins,  “Consumers (aka enthusiasts) are often intimidated by the assumed cost/risk factor of working with a professional designer, while designers may not have the access to a large potential clientele without investing greatly in travel and marketing.  We hope and expect to become ‘E*TRADE’ for interior design.”

At Ava Living, design enthusiasts are able to create a member page (similar to Facebook or MySpace) in a fun and easy-to-use networking environment, while viewing designer pages, becoming a ‘fan’, saving images that inspire, and searching professionally designed rooms based on room type, color, or tags that are divided by ‘style’ or ‘mood’.  These engaged consumers start to see which designers’ work they relate to the most, with an eye to asking for remodeling help, no matter where they each are in the world.

Designers get access to a rich marketing platform, including a member page and presenting rooms through single photos or through AvaVision (loading multiple photos to a 360 degree view).  Designers may also contribute / write articles for the website and participate in the site’s Featured Designer opportunities, and more. recognized a need from the design community to be connected, and the lack of a dedicated ‘meeting space’ for the design community to become deeply engaged.  By becoming an active member, designers can multiply their revenue through increased global consumer access and design reuse.  Through regular updates and communication, they are also able to build credibility and trust with networked members, without having to spend large amounts of time and money.

The Designer Room Review is a simple three-step process.  After reviewing designers’ work, the consumer selects a designer to review his/her room, then names the room and room type, and uploads photo(s) of the room.  The DRR is a free process through which the designer rates (1 to 3 stars) the room based on five design principles (Harmony & Unity, Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis, and Proportion & Scale) in a template and states in a few paragraphs what does (not) work in the room, within three business days. The design discussion and terms used in the DRR were carefully selected and vetted in a process of engaging designers about their training and work experience.  Designers pay a minimal monthly or annual fee to participate in the DRR program.

Consumers can have more than one designer review their room.  Upon receiving their DRRs, they may find one particular designer with whom they resonate and would like to know how the designer would ‘design’ their room.  This leads to the next level in building that designer-client relationship called Designer Advice.   The consumer pays a minimal, pre-designated (between Ava Living and the designer) fee that ranges from $39-110, and the designer addresses the “7 Most Important To Do’s For Your Room” in more extensive detail.  The points are selected from a checklist that includes fabrics, furniture, space layout, wall finish, window treatments, etc.; but the advice is unique.  After this stage, the ongoing relationship continues offline between the consumer and the designer. 

Bassett-Parkins and co-Founder and COO Hanh Ngo are an accomplished, 15-year entrepreneur team, having helped launch Netgateway (now Imergent AMEX: IIG) which is now a $140 million a year company.  They carefully researched how to make Ava Living meet both designer and consumer needs.  As a former CAD expert who serviced Fortune 100 clients for Interior Space Design, Bassett-Parkins mined many designers’ input.  They both also spoke with consumers, design-focused corporations, and read interior design white papers.  Through these focus groups, they discovered that HGTV both encourages and intimidates consumers. And they learned that people spend a lot in the design sector, the height of which was $700 million in 2007.  Bassett-Parkins and Ngo see Ava Living not only as good business, but the right forum to “bring together the underutilized and misunderstood interior designers with consumers, to create more and confident consumers of design than have ever existed before,” observes Ngo.

Media inquiries and image requests, please contact Agnes Gomes-Koizumi ( or Julie Du Brow ( at 323-937-5488 or 310-821-2463.

Barclay Butera “Old H’wood” style on Keyshawn Johnson A&E show

July 7, 2009

OK, when did you think you’d hear the words “Keyshawn Johnson” and “Old Hollywood” together in a sentence?

Well, this Saturday, Keyshawn’s new show “Tackling Design” on A&E apparently leans in this direction, and of course, the production team knew to reference that great red/white/black room Barclay Butera designed for the House Beautiful showhouse in Brentwood a few years back!

Check out the show on July 11, episode “Nancy’s Bedroom Blitz”.

By the way, here’s a link to a great and humorous review of the show.

I can’t wait…

LA Biz Journal: Will ‘The World Is Just a Book Away’ org create the next Andrew Carnegie?

July 6, 2009


Got Mud? American Clay at Dwell on Design ’09

July 2, 2009




June 26 – 28, 2009 – Los Angeles Convention Center

WHAT:  American Clay Enterprises, Inc., returns to Dwell On Design this year to showcase the newly-patented, award-winning, eco-friendly, all natural interior wall plasters. American Clay’s space will be 1/3 of the epOxyGreen booth, #422, but will cover the entirety of epOxy’s booth. Ongoing demos will be provided at within the American Clay space throughout the show, with opportunities to play with the clay and learn how to apply.  Dwell on Design is Southern California’s main hands-on, modern architecture and design event dedicated to showcasing the people, products and ideas that are driving design and architecture today. The event takes place June 26 – 28, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Carol Baumgartel, VP of Sales and Marketing for American Clay Enterprises, Inc. will be speaking at Saturday’s panel at 1:30pm on the Sustainability Stage put on by epOyGreen which will be addressing issues regarding interior design, manufacturing, and building materials during today’s economic recession.

American Clay has been on the market for over 6 years and has changed the way that people look at walls – especially in terms of what a green, all natural finish can provide. There is no off-gassing nor inherent waste on-site. Moreover, the plaster is non-flammable, gives additional masonry mass in rooms, resists mold growth, absorbs sound, provides humidity buffering, and repairs/cleans easily. It improves the air quality, mold issues and beauty of any room, no matter what style. American Clay plasters can contribute up to 7 LEED points; and unlimited textures with 100’s of matchable colors can be attained.

American Clay has been seen on Planet Green, HGTV, ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, CBS’ The Early Show, in the New York and Los Angeles Times, and numerous building, shelter and green publications, including Dwell, Sustainable Industries, eco-structure, ED+C and

WHEN:            Friday, June 26, 2009, 9:00am – 5:00pm (Trade day)

Saturday, June 27, 2009, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday, June 28, 2009, 10:00am – 4:00pm (General admission) 

WHERE:          Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015


TRAVELEX is International Supporter of ‘NT Live’ (UK Natl Theatre)

July 2, 2009




WHAT:   TRAVELEX, the international foreign exchange and payments provider for both consumers and B2B, is the international sponsor this year for the UK’s Royal National Theatre foray into satellite transmission of their live stage performances, called “NT Live”.  Since 2003, TRAVELEX has sponsored the National Theatre’s £10 ticket.  This award-winning and critically-acclaimed initiative has helped over 1 million British enjoy theater-going, making the theatre affordable for the everyman. The initiative is aligned to the TRAVELEX business, sharing their brand values of innovation, value and service. The idea of the low-priced ticket has naturally progressed into their commitment to “NT Live”, a bold technological opportunity that will deliver live performances from the most respected theatre in the world, to the world. 

TRAVELEX strongly believes in consistent, key support of the high arts through emerging technologies and opportunities, even and especially in a down market, when people need their spirits lifted most.

TRAVELEX has made a name for itself by providing both commercial entities and consumers with an extensive list of products and services to meet all of their foreign exchange needs, while offering unparalleled service. In the Americas, TRAVELEX is the largest non-bank foreign exchange specialist, with trading floors in New York City and Toronto, serving over 6,000 commercial customers.

The pilot season of “NT Live”, the new initiative by the UK’s Royal National Theatre to broadcast live performances of plays onto cinema screens around the world will launch with a broadcast of Phèdre, by Jean Racine in a version by Ted Hughes starring Helen Mirren (The Queen) & Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia! film), directed by Nicholas Hytner.

The upcoming “NT Live” season includes “All’s Well That Ends Well” (Oct. 1). “Nation” (Jan. 30, 2010), and “The Habit of Art” (TBD).

WHEN &                       For a complete list of U.S. dates, times & locations, please check: 


Many broadcasts occur on June 25th on screens across the United States; however some markets will be broadcast a week or two later, based on availability.   Screening locations include the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the Director’s Guild Theatre in New York; the Mann Theatre in Hollywood, CA; the Shakespeare Theatre Company in D.C.; the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago; the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis; and many more.


Ticket prices vary by venue.  The average ticket price is $20.  Contact local venues for ticket information.



Travelex is the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist, with offices in 35 countries, nearly 700 retail branches and 16,000 commercial customers. The company’s retail branches are located at key airport, seaport and rail locations, in addition to worldwide tourist and business centres. Nearly 40 percent of the world’s airline passengers, over 1.3 billion people, pass through airports at which Travelex’s business operates. This includes the major gateways at London, New York, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Sydney. Travelex operates two North American foreign exchange trading floors – located in New York City and Toronto.


The Group’s principal activities are organised into three divisions: Global Business Payments, Retail and Outsourcing.

Global Business Payments: 
Travelex is the world’s largest non-bank provider of commercial cross-border payment services. The business provides international payment services for commercial and personal customers, with products comprising multi-currency spot contracts, forward contracts and options. The Global Business Payments division was enhanced by merging Ruesch International, which was acquired during 2007 for $440m, with Travelex’s Commercial Foreign Exchange (CFX) division.

Travelex is the world’s largest retail foreign exchange specialist, with over 700 branded retail branches, principally in airports and tourist locations. The business sells banknotes and other foreign exchange and travel related products and services to individuals travelling for business and leisure purposes.

The business provides outsourced travel money services by supplying the foreign currency needs of financial institutions and travel agencies, as well as by fulfilling the individual orders of their customers. Products and services include banknotes, wholesale banknote fulfillment, the distribution of insurance policies and the issuing of prepaid cards.

The Group operates through its subsidiaries and branches in four regions: the United Kingdom; Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEA); Americas and Asia Pacific.


Non-Profit “World Is Just a Book Away” Launches 10 Libraries in Indonesia; Name for Top Celebs

July 2, 2009






Los Angeles, CA, USA (May 2009) – Non-profit organization The World Is Just A Book Away (TWIJABA) launched in October 2008, is already exceeding its 2009 expectations by opening ten libraries at ten schools in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, on June 3-4, 2009.  The libraries will service approximately 2,000 children in the area, grades one through six.  Founder James J. Owens is proud to announce that the libraries will be named in honor of key TWIJABA supporters, including Muhammad Yunus, Queen Noor Al-Hussein of Jordan, Desmond Tutu, Yo-Yo Ma, Miep Gies, and the late actress Natasha Richardson.

The mission of The World Is Just A Book Away ( is to bring hope—in the form of books, libraries, and schools—to thousands of children in developing countries. The program was launched in Sidoarjo, site of the mudflow disaster that displaced more than 60,000 people and destroyed many schools.  The ten libraries introduce the idea of loaning non-classroom books for recreational reading.  The libraries also have educational DVDs for on-site use.

The organization has accomplished early fundraising success across various platforms:  a strong online push (primarily through Facebook), an art opening fundraiser sponsored by Los Angeles Tribal, and, most significantly, both a dedicated Board, and being the beneficiary of the Alumni USC Club of Indonesia’s annual Charity Ball.  The Ball raised over $30,000 for TWIJABA, and the club plans to work with the non-profit and its local partner to distribute books to Indonesian children in impoverished areas of the country.  

With an initial goal in 2009 to open 14 libraries, Owens is grateful for the immense support, and in awe of the accelerated progress that has been achieved.  “When we launched last October, we thought it would be a stretch to launch 14 libraries in Sidoarjo in 2009,” states Owens, assistant professor of clinical management communication at the USC Marshall School of Business Center for Management Communication.  “However, due to our early success and the tremendous support of all involved, we will open ten in June and we are on target to open a total of 20 permanent libraries there this year, as well as a mobile library to serve children at an additional 23 schools.  In total, we will bring more than 15,000 books to more than 9,000 boys and girls in the region who have been most affected by the mudflow disaster in 2009, our first full year of operation.” 

TWIJABA has attracted a strong and varied list of people to its cause, from Board members to general supporters.  Owens wanted to honor a selection of early believers (not on the Board) by naming a library after them.  Confirmed library names include Queen Noor Al-Hussein, Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Lois and Buzz Aldrin, Shirin Ebadi (2003 Nobel Peace Prize), Yo-Yo Ma, Miep Gies, Muhammad Yunus, Fess Parker, and the Natasha Richardson Memorial Library.

Behind the scenes, the first person to commit to the organization’s Board of Advisors was Jenny Ming, former President of Old Navy and one of Fortune magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Women in American Business.”  Rounding out the Board of Advisors are Jim Ellis, Dean of the USC Marshall School of Business, and Tim Monich, highly-respected dialect coach of Hollywood.  Prominent people in the worlds of business, entertainment and academia have signed on to the Board as well, inspired by Owens’ enthusiasm, drive, mission, and their own love of the written word. 

Owens also enlisted the help of students and young professionals for the non-profit, when he encountered their enthusiasm for the project.  As a professor, he wants to encourage the idea that being on a Board shouldn’t be restricted to the over 40 age group.  So TWIJABA’s Board has members in their 30s, and he created the “Ambassadors” program as a stepping stone for the younger participants.

Owens is also working on a book featuring submissions from more than 70 of the world’s most prominent people—across the arts and sciences, politics, business, and philanthropy—about their love of reading and books that inspired them.  He plans to donate all the profits from the future book sales to non-profits, including TWIJABA.

Images of the building or renovation progress on the libraries can be viewed online at



  • March 2009—Professor Owens attended Education Without Borders 2009 Conference in Dubai, UAE, as a Distinguished Guest and Mentor, and Panel Judge.  Participating panel: “Improving Technology’s Role in Improving Life on Earth”.
  • In November 2008, “The World is Just a Book Away 20/20 Club” launched on Facebook to garner broader support from the general public.  Each member commits to an annual minimum donation of $20 (which translates into 20 books).  In the first two months, nearly 200 signed up, and almost $10,000 was raised.


01 - Wunut II - Fess ParkerSM04 - Gedang II - Queen NoorSM

Pamela’s Products Feature ‘Back-to-School’ Menu for Entire Family

July 2, 2009



(Ukiah, CA—May, 2009)  Pamela’s Products, an award-winning leader in the gluten-free foods arena, features a wide range of gluten-free ready-made and quick mixes to make going ‘back-to-school’ easier for parents. Packing lunches, baking treats for class bake sales, making after-school snacks and planning quick family dinners are just around the corner.  Pamela’s Products, considered a tried and true staple for gluten-free families, provides family-friendly recipes online at, and ready-made treats to help parents spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their families.

As more people are becoming aware of gluten-intolerance, providing gluten-free options has become increasingly popular. One Los Angeles ‘Homeroom Mom’ often bakes Pamela’s Products Chocolate Cake Mix Cupcakes for her son’s class.  Even though the class is not gluten-intolerant, her cupcakes were consistently voted best by the kids.  According to this mom, “Birthday parties used to be difficult. It’s heartbreaking to have to explain to your child that they can’t have birthday cake with all of the other kids. So I started experimenting with every gluten free recipe and mix to find the best one – Pamela’s chocolate cake mix. Now I bring extra chocolate cupcakes to every party and everyone loves them.”

Approximately 1 in 133 people are Celiacs and suffer from gluten-intolerance but only 3% of cases are diagnosed. Celiac Disease is the world’s most common autoimmune disease, with the only treatment today being a strict adherence to a diet devoid of gluten.  Gluten is most commonly contained in wheat (durum, semolina, kamut, spelt), rye, barley and triticale.  Gluten is present in almost all forms of traditional bread and baking mixes and baked goods.

Pamela’s Products offers an entire dedicated line of gluten-free baking mixes and baked goods. Pamela’s Products Simplebites and organic cookies are a great addition to any child’s lunchbox.  The pre-packed, single serving size option (2 cookies) of organic cookies are a convenient and delicious snack that is easy to include in bagged lunches.  The 2-pack cookies are available in a variety of tasty flavors, and Simplebites cookies are the perfect bite-sized snack for little hands.  Available in kid-friendly flavors like Chocolate Chip and Extreme Chocolate, these cookies are ideal for any child to share on the playground without worrying about excluding peers with gluten allergies.  Pamela’s Products Gluten-Free Bread Mix makes tasty sandwich bread, and kid-approved meals like pizza dough, corn dogs and hamburger buns.

Pamela’s Products baking mixes are the fast, easy and delicious way to whip up a quick after school snack or speedy family dinner. The website ( is stocked with step-by-step recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.  Recipe ideas include:

o  Sausage rolls

o  Corn Dogs

o  Breakfast waffles

o  Broccoli and Cheddar Casserole

o  Ravioli

Pamela’s Products mixes are also versatile and allow the family chef to create his/her own signature dishes or make signature family recipes gluten-free without altering taste.

For additional information on Pamela’s Products and the new Gluten-free Cornbread Mix, please visit Recipe variations and baking information may be found at  Media inquiries, please contact Agnes Gomes-Koizumi ( or Julie Du Brow ( at 323-937-5488 or 310-821-2463.  



Pamela’s Products ( offers a complete line of Traditional Cookies, Organic Cookies, Biscotti, Simplebites Mini Cookies and Baking Mixes.  Award-winning, Pamela’s Products can be found in natural food and grocery stores throughout North America and on the web at  Setting the standard for great taste since 1988, Pamela’s Products continues to create the most delicious wheat-free and gluten-free foods, with their Baking & Pancake Mix and Chocolate Brownie Mix consistently holding the #1 position in the entire Natural Foods category.